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Newly opened B&B in Tainan City, a brand of Tainan Junxiang Hotel

Stroll through the streets and alleys of Tainan Fucheng, and enjoy the charm of historical sites and cultural relics.
At the next turn, you will find a new garden~
For cultural and food tourism in the ancient capital of Tainan, you can roam on the well-planned pedestrian trails or bicycle paths.
Enjoy the natural scenery of the gentle breeze and the setting sun, and experience the traces of time in various historical sites and cultural relics.
Enjoy the beautiful scenery and the passage of time, and enjoy a completely comfortable and relaxing spiritual feast;
Let’s have another Fucheng food experience, shrimp rolls, shrimp cakes, bean curd and other Anping delicacies, which will give you great physical satisfaction...
"Hele Sightseeing Hotel" is located next to Hele Plaza, a popular attraction in downtown Tainan. It is in a geographical location with convenient transportation and easy access to all major attractions! With modern and simple design style,
Create an all-round B&B that is comfortable, clean and warm,
Provide comfortable accommodation space for outbound travelers and various business travel needs of business travelers.
Every environment from small spaces to rooms has been carefully designed and prepared.
Here you can wash away the fatigue of the whole day, completely relieve your mood and relax your stress.
Enjoy the accommodation and rest space where your soul settles.
Wireless internet is provided in the room, making it easy to check information and share experiences at any time.
Have a sweet date with the morning sunshine, and then ride a bicycle to explore Fucheng after a good meal.
Enjoy the infinite charm of the ancient city! !

房型介紹 | ROOMS

Under the seemingly inadvertent combination, everything is as dazzling as if it were made naturally.
Natural, casual, simple, bright, simple, elegant, simplicity reveals exquisiteness. Each room has lighting windows and independent bathroom facilities, 4k+smart LCD TV, Shengbao silent refrigerator, Tescom high-volume negative ion hair dryer, Hitachi separation air conditioner

Light luxury double room

  /     /  

a double bed

Collection Triple Room

  /     /  

two double beds

Cozy Quadruple Room

  /     /  

two double beds

Nordic eight-person room

  /     /  

four double beds

Capsule Backpacker Bed

  /     /  

Capsule backpacker bed/accommodates 12+4 persons/group bookings are welcome/special offer/reservation hotline 06-2234919


Dining space, beverage and snack bar, Mitsubishi public elevator, laundry room on the first floor

Image description

5th Floor

laundry room

Equipped with washing machine and dryer

Image description
10:00~22:00 (Provide washing powder)


Don’t worry about insufficient itinerary, because we have helped you find the most suitable tourist attractions

Taiwan's most beautiful parent-child park
Image description

Hele Plaza

Taiwan's most beautiful parent-child park

With restaurant and cafe
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Tainan City Art Museum 2

Created by Ishiaki Architects and Shigeru Ban Architects in Japan, it is a building planned and designed by the winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize.

Tainan's characteristic cultural customs
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Guohua Commercial District, Zhengxing Street, Shennong Street, Haian Commercial District, Zhongzheng Commercial District

Tainan Gourmet Snacks